Chica Paula combines a bold fusion of fairytale-like ambient with house, techno and electropop. Her sets are unforeseeable, dynamic and a lot of fun. The main thread is house music, but it’s far from standard. Chica loves to rebel, revels in the different, telling her “dance stories” with records curated throughout her 15 plus years of DJing.

The Chilean born DJ and producer moved to Berlin in the early 90s and learned her trade playing at locations like Ostgut-Panoramabar (now Berghain) and Tresor. With roots in the Chilean electronic scene in Europe, and part of the infamous Chilean run Ruta 5 label with the likes of Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Dinky and Dandy Jack, it’s no surprise she can lure dancers to the floor with ease.
A resolute mainstay on the Berlin club circuit and a regular at ://about blank, Tresor Globus and Club der Visionäre, Chica Paula has also toured extensively internationally, throughout European hot spots such as Harry Klein (Munich), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Zukunft (Zürich) and Space (Ibiza), at festivals including Benicassim, Mutek, C/O Pop, Fusion and In Fuse. She has also journeyed to cities further afar including Detroit, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Santiago De Chile and reached listeners across the airwaves for more than a decade with her radio show ‘Ocean Club’ with Gudrun Gut on Radio Eins.

Not only a master of turntables, Chica Paula also regularly flexes her production prowess. Since her first release on Monika Enterprise in 2003, she’s clocked up an impressive discography of original recordings and remixes including one for Cologne based imprint Karaoke Kalk, plus two full length albums as Chica and the Folder “Mädchen” & “Under the Balcony”, the latter featuring remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear.
A gifted producer, a well established member of the Berlin underground and a damn good DJ, keep your eyes and ears out for Chica Paula.

Under the Balcony (Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2007
Mixes of the Balcony
(Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2007
Kleines Hoppla (Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2007
42 Mädchen Schatulle 
(Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2003
Schatulle (Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2003
(Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2003

Le Rok – Lover and Friend – Kalk Pets – 2012
Roman – Traffic  Kalk Pets – 2011 

Malice – Right Time Kalk Pets – 2009
Takashi Wada – Labyrinth – Progressive Form/Third Ear – 2009
Donna Regina – Playing free with Tobias – Kalk Pets – 2008

Hauschka – Para bien (Gingko Tree) (Chica and the Folder) – Karaoke Kalk – 2007
Laurenz Pike – Shakesbeer (Chica and the Folder) – Monika Enterprise – 2006
Contriva – Dust  – Monika Enterprise, 2003