Ena Lind has been pushing boundaries in the electronic music scene in Berlin for over a decade. With roots in the queer underground, the politically minded DJ and producer is consistently on the forefront of cutting edge concepts throughout the cultural arena.

Ena mixes classic and Detroit house, techno and disco with calm confidence and a steady hand. Her feeling for timing and rhythmical finesse from years as a percussionist give her a stand out ability to make unusual and unexpected transitions feel natural. Ena has toured across Europe, the US, Canada, Africa and Asia.

Since her debut track “Ferdinand” came to light in 2014, Lind’s production output has gained steady momentum. Her first full length EP “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” was released on Chicago based Twirl in September 2016. 

Keep your ear out for Ena Lind’s upcoming release on Soundwarrior together with Lady Blacktronika and Jenifa Mayanja in 2018.


High & Over – Warrior Formulation EP- Sound Warrior – 2018
The Wisdom To Know The Difference EP
- Twirl – 2016
Ferdinand - Reveller Records - 2014

Hyenaz – Hyenaz vs. Ena Lind – Springstoff – 2016
La Fraicheur -
Grand Jour – Leonizer Records – 2016